Physician/Chiropractor/Physical Therapist wholesale pricing for the PostureNOW Posture Brace:

We offer attractive wholesale pricing to medical professionals and retailers. Please email for wholesale pricing information.

If your patients would benefit from improved posture, the PostureNOW posture brace can be an effective posture training device. PostureNOW is the world's leading posture corrector, providing effective, easy posture training for women and men of all ages. If your patients are experiencing back pain, neck pain or headaches as a result of hours spent hunched over a computer, they might benefit from the use of a posture brace such as PostureNOW. Though there are other posture correctors on the market, beware of posture improvement devices that force the shoulders into correct posture. Devices such as these, which 'do the work for you' can lead to muscle atrophy over time, potentially causing posture to worsen over time. The PostureNOW posture brace does not force the shoulders into correct posture; instead, it provides a gentle reminder to keep one's shoulders in correct posture, strengthening the upper back and helping your patients to develop muscle memory for the habit of good posture over the long term.

It's never too late to improve posture.

The PostureNOW posture corrector is available for significant wholesale bulk discounts.


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